Right to Education for every children ?????

‘Mummy, I also want to study in that private school. I don’t wanna go to that Prathamik Vidyalay. I also want to go by my bicycle. See my friends, they go to a private school with the Tiffin in their hands and bottle hanging in their necks.’, an innocent five year old kid was becoming stubborn to her mother. 

‘Beta, you will have to go to that school only, we can’t afford that much fees in private school, you are my good boy beta, just take your bag and go to school….mera laaal hai mera puttar’ , adoring her son, she hugged him and tears rolled down her cheek.

‘Mummy I won’t go there , I want to study, I want to become like Kalam Uncle. They don’t teach us in Prathamik Vidyalay . They only come and sleep the whole day and wakes up only when the mid-day meal is served. Look my friends they study even English, and look at me I’m only able to read Hindi.’ , he said and began crying in her mother’s lap. 

‘Beta we are poor, we can’t afford the costly books, uniforms and all in private school.You don’t worry , I’ll enroll you in private school next year. Now please take your bag and go to school, you are being late.’, she told wiping tears from her cheeks and avoiding the eye contact with her son she handed him his bag. 

The boy took his bag reluctantly and headed towards the school. He saw his friends going school on their father’s scooter and he himself was not even having a bicycle.

‘Aman beta ! Please stand up and read the chapter Eidgah loudly ‘, teacher ordered him and fixed his buttock on the verge of chair and his legs on table in Dabang style. 

Aman stood up , came in front and began reading loudly. The teacher drifted off to sleep. All of a sudden the teacher heard the bell ring and woke up instantly. ‘Aman beta ! Bring the water for me ‘ . Aman went and brought the water and then they had their mid-day meal. 

So this is the story of a government school in India. Why poors are still poor ? Because they can’t afford the costly education in private institutes. I’ve been always hearing a slogan since my infancy -‘ Right to education to every children’ & ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’

Is this the right to education to children ? The teachers are not teaching in the school, just drifting off to sleep and waking up only when the bell rings for mid-day meal. Children of every government employees are studying in private ,convent and even International schools. And those teachers are ruining the lives of innocent and poor children those who can’t afford the fees in private school. This is the about the primary school, let’s see forward . 

After 5 years

‘Mummy, you had promised me that you will enroll me in private school, now I want to study in CBSE board, look my friends how they changed themselves after going in CBSE schools.And here I am ! ‘ the boy asked his mother. But his mother was speechless .

Now the main crap mentality of our education system comes here. If India is one, so why you people have divided the education, I don’t understand. I’ve heard every leaders ,yelling in parliament and in respective state assemblies about the equal rights to education for every children. Then why this CBSE , ICSE and State board ? 

Let’s see the scenario of a convent school and some private schools. They are asking for as much fees as they want and no one cares about it. So the poor families of course couldn’t afford the fees and expenses of schools. The consequences is the poverty itself. The poors are still poor and the rich are being more rich. No one cares about them, they are only cared during the elections for the vote bank. The promises are kept to build the schools and colleges for your children, almost those promises are not fulfilled and if luckily those are fulfilled teachers would ruin the lives of children as no one cares for the government schools. Government teachers are paid a high perks of salary to eat and sleep. 
This has been the mentality of our society that if you want your children study well, just enroll them in private schools as government schools are useless. And this has been the mentality of our society just because the careless government regarding the schools. 

Let’s see the scenario of international schools and some CBSE schools so called convent schools as well. Here without donations you can’t get admission. And if however you manage to pay the donations, the fees and expenses would not allow a comman man to enroll his children in these institutes. 

Delhi government has taken a good initiative to abolish the registration of schools which demands the donations for admission. UP government had imposed a rule that the children of government employees would be enrolled in the government schools otherwise they would be fined , but it didn’t work at all. Why didn’t it work ? It didn’t work because we the observer don’t care about this. If someone has complained about this. The things would have been different. But no one cares. 



                            ||Jai Hind ||


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